Welcome to Duneland Friends Meeting!

Duneland Friends meeting is a monthly meeting, part of the Religious Society of Friends, which meets under the care of Illinois Yearly Meeting.  We gather for silent worship, First Day School, meeting for conduct of business, social events, and to act shared items of concern/interest. Our members and attenders consist of “Cradle Quakers”, “Quakers by Conviction”, and seekers – many of whom identify as Christians and some who do not. All are welcome to join in our shared message of non-violence, tolerance, simplicity, integrity, honoring the earth/environment and honoring the Light in every person.

The Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) was founded by George Fox in the mid 1600’s in England. Its founders sought to return to the central teachings of Christ and emphasized that each person could have a direct relationship with God. Friends around the world continue to seek spiritual truth with Divine guidance. Our roots are in the Christian tradition. We believe that there is God in everyone. In our silent worship, we seek divine inspiration and guidance to bring God’s vision to our lives. Through our lives we seek to live the testimonies of peace, simplicity, integrity, and equality because we believe that they will bring heaven to earth. We seek to walk gently over the earth seeking that of God in everyone.  You are always welcome to join us in worship.

Time of worship: 10 am at Youth Service Bureau, except for Christmas and Easter that take place in homes.  We meet the 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month. For more information call 219-945-9260.

Location: Youth Service Bureau, 253 W. Lincolnway, Valparaiso, IN 46385 , 219-945-9260

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Explanation of silent worship: The meeting for worship is the central fact of Quaker life. Our form of worship is outwardly simple and, at its best, profoundly spiritual. We sit in an expectant silence, our hearts open, awaiting the fullness of God’s presence. The private experience may soon expand into loving communion shared by all present. In our meeting, because we believe God can speak to us through any person, there is no designated leader, pastor, or order of service. The quality of the worship rests with all present. Everyone is responsible for establishing and maintaining contemplative and meaningful silence, and for listening to those who are moved to speak. Anyone may speak, but should only do so in response to prompting of the Spirit which seeks to deepen and enrich Meeting for Worship. We ask that each speaker articulates slowly and clearly in a voice that can be heard by all in the room. Let your words be full and few. “In the Meeting for Worship after the manner of Friends, it sometimes befalls that a person who feels moved to break the silence and share a fresh insight unknowingly expresses the thought of those listening. The speaker is not speaking to the Meeting; the gathered Meeting is speaking through one member” (Daisy Newman). Worshipers return to the silence of listening between spoken gifts. Adequate time should be given for reflection on the preceding message before another message is given. After about an hour, an appointed Friend extends a hand in warm greeting; the handshake will pass among all present, and the Meeting for Worship ends. Following singing, introductions and announcements, you are welcome to visit with others.

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